What We Stand For

The 7 virtues of Steel Standing are synonymous with the heart and soul of the Steel Standing Memorial Foundation.  We stand for Courage, Strength, Resilience, Fortitude, Perseverance, Endurance and Determination.

By supporting the Steel Standing Memorial Foundation, you’ll help to ensure that our children, as well as future generations, inherit a better world and a country that remains the land of the free and the home of the brave. A welcoming beacon of light that is Steel Strong and STEEL STANDING!!

Who We Are

In the wake of 9/11, a huge 207′ foot tall ruin monument of STEEL that was defiantly still STANDING, became a most profound inspirational symbol, and message proclaiming the awesome power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. It literally identified itself by virtue of what it was; STEEL STANDING. It is a powerful concept, and symbol of perseverance, and fortitude. It convincingly embodied the essence of defiance, and that which refuses to fall. The mission of the Steel Standing Memorial Foundation is to assist those in desperate need who have been impacted by natural, and man-made disaster, war, famine, and disease. Our mission is clear: to utilize the “STEEL STANDING” image, to HONOR THE SPIRIT OF COURAGE, STRENGTH, RESILIENCE AND REBIRTH to inspire all people to never give up hope.

This unique and original symbol was forged by the thousands of people whose lives were taken on that fateful September morning. It is a symbolic portrait of their souls that serves as a transcending message, and an authentic visual memorial. There is no better way to honor those lost than to faithfully translate STEEL STANDING’S inherent profound message into a universal, and inspirational symbol of hope. It communicates that no matter how impossible or difficult your situation may seem, if you courageously confront it with unwavering strength of character and fortitude, you can ultimately overcome all of your fears and challenges in life, including death.

Yes, their souls and spirits are, and will forever be, STEEL STANDING.

God Bless,
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Anthony Whitaker
Steel Standing Memorial Foundation